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Pop Corn Ceiling Service in Bonita Springs Florida and Surrounding Areas

Popcorn Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling (also known as a acoustic or stipple ceiling) is a type of ceiling that consists variety of

spray -on or paint-on treatment.The bumpy surface is formed by tiny vermiculite or polystyrene particles,

which provide sound absorption to the ceiling. The fine, medium, and coarse grades of mixtures are available.

In many areas of the world, its bright white look, its ability to hide imperfections and acoustic characteristics

were standard for bedroom and hallway ceilings.Most people nowadays consider popcorn ceilings to be an

eyesore, not to mention extremely difficult to keep dust-free. Popcorn ceilings prior to1970, as well as

early formulations, often contained white asbestos fibres. Popcorn ceilings fell out of favour in much

of the country after the Clean Air Act prohibited the use of asbestos in ceiling treatments.As a result,

home improvement professionals, have been inspired by a recent trend for sleek, clean-lined design features to come up with popcorn ceiling removal services. Smooth ceilings have a number of advantages over textured ceilings, including their association with a high-end look, the ability to reflect natural light, the ability to resist dust and allergens, and the ease of pitching and touching up during drywall repairs. Removing a popcorn ceiling won't take weeks, and you won't have to leave your house during the process.

Pop Corn Ceiling

Removal of popcorn ceiling

Ceilings deserve the same attention as your walls and floors, but they are frequently overlooked.Don't be discouraged by the size of a popcorn ceiling removal; we will provide an upfront quote and ensure that the job is completed on budget and on time.Popcorn ceilings, believe it or not, were once popular in the world of interior design. It is now infamous and outdated. If you're sick of your home's popcorn ceilings and looking for someone to get your popcorn ceiling painting removed, call Apex Painting, Florida to update the look and feel of your home.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Method

To learn how to remove a popcorn ceiling or some other textured ceiling, we must first understand what it is.For proper removal of popcorn ceiling, you must first identify when the ceiling was constructed,where is its location and your final ceiling treatment selection. Our professional ceiling removal services begin by securing the area to ensure that it remains clean throughout the process.We begins with removal of electrical fittings from room and masking of furniture and fixtures to protect it from residue, dust etc. Following that, our team begins the removal process by expertly scraping the popcorn off the ceiling, followed by priming and skim coating it.After removing the ceiling, we will repair and restructure it or replace a drywall, leaving the ceiling smooth and finished.

Advantages of removing the popcorn ceiling

So why should you go to all that trouble to get rid of those popcorn ceilings? To begin with, it gives your house a much more elegant and modern appearance.You'll be surprised at the difference it makes. If you are looking to sell your home soon, it is also a good idea to remove it. Many buyers would avoid purchasing a home if they feel they will have to invest in additional renovations right away.When surfaces begin to age, they may also begin to yellow, which is an aesthetic issue.It's also possible if there's been any water damage.In the long run, it is preferable to remove it rather than just painting over it because it will occur again.

Add a modern touch to your home and boost your home's interior aesthetic by removing acoustic ceiling.

Asbestos-containing popcorn ceiling

Asbestos was commonly used in the construction of popcorn or acoustic ceilings prior to 1980. If your home was constructed before 1980, you'll need to have it tested for these substances before you start removing them.


If your asbestos-containing ceiling is disturbed in any way, asbestos particles may become airborne.Inhaling asbestos has been linked to a variety of serious health issues, including mesothelioma..

In this context the job must be performed by professional who are well trained in dealing with asbestos. It is important to take necessary precautions. You'll probably have to fully seal the room off during the painting process, and you won't be allowed back in until the painting is finished and all the dust has been removed.

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If you want your home to reflect your style, call the experienced team at Apex Painters for expert popcorn ceiling removal.The entire crew is fully bonded and insured who dedicatedly completes the job correctly, the first time.We always finish the project on time and within budget, adhering to the schedule and estimate we provided.

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